Guest Appearances

Every year, we make it our mission to build an absolutely stellar lists of speakers, performers, and community leaders. This being our fifth anniversary, we’re building the best list we can. Guests will be announced between December 2013 and May 2014. Stay tuned for updates!

Guest Speakers

Jared Knabenbauer // Producer - NormalBoots

Jared "ProJared" Knabenbauer

Jared Knabenbauer aka “ProJared” is a gamer, reviewer and comedian. He is best known for his comedic ProJared video game reviews, One Minute Reviews of new titles, and the heartbreaking story of triumph in Pokemon Nuzlocke. He is also a prominent member of the relaunched Normal Boots. You can see him continue to harmoniously blend humour and critique at his YouTube channel.

Joe “Angry Joe” Vargas // Producer - The Angry Joe Show

Angry Joe Headshot

Featuring a unique blend of brutally honest video game reviews combined with sketch comedy, The Angry Joe Show began in October 2008 on Youtube and instantly exploded in popularity.

After realizing that he could make an impact on the industry through entertaining and informative reviews, show host Joe knew he had finally found his calling. He’s gone on to collaborate with some of the best online producers around, working with great teams as well as flying solo. The Angry Joe Show is featured on the Polaris network.

Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug // Producer - Atop the 4th Wall

ConBravo 2013-2285

Lewis “Linkara” Lovhaug is known on the internet for reviewing bad comic books and doing a retrospective on Power Rangers! And if you ever wanted evidence that ANYBODY can become famous on the internet for whatever stupid reason, you will find no better proof than this man! Sure, you might say that it’s because he’s funny or that you enjoy his storylines or that you think he has something insightful to say about comic books or a children’s show. But chances are that’s probably not the case and you’re only here to point and stare at the weirdo.

Joey “Roo” DeSena // Producer - Retroware TV, Clan of the Gray Wolf

Joey DeSena

Once described as the “Alton Brown of video games” — his greatest compliment — Joey “Roo” DeSena co-founded the geek-centric website, Clan of the Gray Wolf, in 2009. His flagship series, “16-Bit Gems”, brings to light under-appreciated classics from the 16-bit era of video gaming. Meanwhile, his other main series “The Way Games Work” explains video game technology to the layman (with equal parts Bill Nye & G4).

He is also part of the executive team for Retroware TV, where he helps produce their flagship show, “The Video Game Years”. In addition, his videos appear on websites such as The Game Station, Blistered Thumbs/That Guy with The Glasses, & Reviewtopia.

Daniel “The Commodore” Cordaro // Producer - Clan of the Gray Wolf

Daniel "The Commodore" Cordaro

Daniel “The Commodore” Cordaro (ding-ding) is the co-founder of the Clan of the Gray Wolf which is dedicated to thoughtful discussion of all aspects of geek culture. His Master’s thesis from the University of North Carolina focused on representations of gender in contemporary videogames and is published in the Library of Congress – although if he were to write one today, it would probably just be about Minecraft. He has also instructed college courses in game design and management. When not indulging in his more geeky interests, he’s also a singer, a philosophy buff, and a connoisseur of delicious breakfast cereals.

The Best Friends Zaibatsu // (Two Best Friends Play)

The Best Friends Zaibatsu

The intrepid man-children known as Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam make up the fantastically stupid foursome known as the Best Friends Zaibatsu! While initially starting out on the Machinima network as “Two Best Friends Play”, Matt and Pat bumbled and screamed their way into the hearts of fans everywhere with their pop culture references while still maintaining a high degree of video game skill [Citation needed]. They have since blossomed into a group that specialize in Lets Plays, reviews, podcasting, and all manner of live-action buffoonery. Be sure to point and laugh at them on their ever bulging YouTube channel.

Tom White // Producer - Channel Awesome

Tom White

Tom isn’t an evil genius, he just plays one on the Internet. Creator of popular review series Weird Video Games<> and the LP series 5 Minutes of Every Game, Tom is also a writer, musician, video game developer, professional monkey knocker, and Terrible Warrior<>. He also likes cheesecake. A lot.

Featured on sites such as ThatGuyWithTheGlasses, This Week in Geek, and Nerd Vice, Tom makes fun of the inherent strangeness in games and pop culture by probing, analyzing, and going on tiresome rambles that annoy his friends. Did I mention he really likes cheesecake?

Derek Burrow // Producer - Chasing the Muse

Derek Burrow

Reviewing everything from 1980s cartoons to literature to Japanese tokusatsu, Derek “the Bard” Burrow is a trained librarian, applying critical analysis to some of his favourite forms of entertainment. All while wearing a top hat (the top hat is important). Part of This Week in Geek, Nerd Vice, and GeekVision, Derek also appears on the These Warriors Are Terrible, and is constantly working on new and ridiculous sketches, reviews, and Lets Plays.

Where there is weird, there is the Bard.

Mike “Birdman” Dodd // Producer - This Week in Geek

Michael Dodd

A founding member of This Week in Geek, Mike “The Birdman” Dodd has been involved with ScrewAttack, Channel Awesome and many radio outlets across North America over the past 8 years. Birdman was voted Canada’s Choice on MTV Creeps Season 2, and was most recently featured on Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men on AMC.

Most recently he’s become a regular participant in These Warriors Are Terrible, an RPG podcast filled to the brim with delirious adventures and hijinks. All this and more are within the Birdman’s purview as he pioneers taking Canadian new media journalism into the 21st century and beyond!

Bob Chipman // Producer - MovieBob, Game Overthinker

Bob Chipman

Popularly known as “MovieBob,” Bob Chipman is a film-critic, games journalist and pop-culture commentator from Boston, Massachusetts.

He is the creator and star of “The Game OverThinker,” “Escape to The Movies” and “The Big Picture.” His work has appeared on ScrewAttack, The Escapist, Blip and elsewhere.

Gaijin Goombah // Producer - The Game Theorists

Gaijin Goombah

After a two year stay living and working in Japan, Gaijin Goombah came home to the U.S. with the idea of explaining multiculturalism to the world through the medium of video games in his show Game Exchange. He started out with a large focus on the birthplace of many of the best games in existence, Japan, but has since moved on to many other areas of the world including the Middle East, Europe, and South America.

After growing considerably on, he was picked up by MatPat of Game Theory, and together with Digressing and Side-Questings Ronnie “Oni” Edwards, the three formed The Game Theorist channel on YouTube.

Nick and Elliott Thing // Hosts - NEthing Reviews

Nick and Elliott Thing

Nick and Elliott are two brothers on a mission to review everything and anything. So far, that’s included Dunkaroos, condoms, the 1997 Honda Civic, guyliner and too much else to list here. They’re excited to appear at ConBravo! and file what will surely be a glowing review!

Until then, visit to get in on all the fun.

Guest Performers

Dj CUTMAN // Founder, Producer - GameChops

DJ Cutman

Dj CUTMAN is a pioneer performer of Chiptune and Video Game Music, mixing world-class chiptunes into epic, danceable sets infused with dubstep, electro, hip-hop and soul. Bringing years of experience as an audio engineer into the DJ world, CUTMAN samples classic video games. The result an experience that feels old school, but sounds like nothing you’ve heard before.

Fandom Musicals // Performance Group

Fandom Musicals

Fandom Musicals, the group that brought you Fandom Hearts: A Kingdom Hearts Parody Musical, returns to ConBravo for 2014 with a brand new full-length musical that is sure to thrill audiences of any fandom.

Benjamin Briggs // DJ & Composer

Benjamin Briggs

Benjamin Briggs has been producing electronic music for over 10 years, starting with OverClocked ReMix and later continuing to other independent ventures, such as Dj CUTMAN’s netlabel GameChops. He has since established himself as a self-sustaining entertainer, playing live performances like Nerdapalooza and MAGFest 11, releasing music on his own website, and live streaming on regularly to further connect with his fanbase.

Known for his remixes of video game music and chiptunes, he puts on a high-energy show full of positive vibes and lots of dancing. With any luck, his plan for world domination will succeed, one smile at a time.

James Ronald // Producer - Retroware TV

James Ronald

James Ronald is a 10 year veteran of the touring band Delinquints and creator of Epic Game Music which is a show re-imagining video game music with concussive beats, driving bass lines and wailing guitar solos. Recently Epic Game Music has been taking the internet by storm and most notably was picked up to be part of the RetrowareTV family.

Brent “brentalfloss” Black // Creator & Producer -

Brent Black

Brent “brentalfloss” Black is a comedian, musician, and gamer. He first gained notoriety when he added lyrics to the title theme from Mega Man 3 and created the “With Lyrics” series on Youtube.

He has since grown a YouTube subscriber base of over 240,000 and released multiple full-length albums which have reached the top ten in both the Bandcamp and iTunes comedy charts. He lives in New York City, performs at music venues and gaming conventions all over North America, and just released his new album, FLOSSOPHY.

Blast Processors // Prophets from a Distant Era

Blast Processors

So what’s Blast Processing do?

The year is AD 2101. Humanity is on a course for destruction, the wheels of which began turning over a century ago. The last Great Console War ended in the era of Mode 7 — the era of Nintendo. A hundred years too late, the world realized the error of their ways. Mankind’s last hope rode on the shoulders of five warriors trained in sabotage, propaganda, guerilla warfare, and catchy melodies. This elite military unit went by the name of a powerful weapon, mankind’s only true hope of survival: they are the Blast Processors.

Their mission: to travel back to June 23, 1991 and surf the seas of subliminal warfare in the name of SEGA. Missing their time modulation by 22 years, they resolved to rock.

Guest Artists & Developers

Katie Tiedrich // Creator - Awkward Zombie

Katie Tiedrich

Katie Tiedrich writes and draws the webcomic Awkward Zombie, a collection of videogame parodies known for punchy art and a sometimes dark sense of humor. The comic started out with a focus on Nintendo games, but has since branched out to a more general scope.

Katie currently studies Mechanical Engineering in Hoboken, New Jersey, and hopes to someday build a robot smart enough to help make comics but dumb enough to still be her friend.

Vitaly S. Alexius // Creator - Romantically Apocalyptic

Vitaly S. Alexius

Vitaly S Alexius is a digital painter/illustrator who has gained immense recognition for his work in CD and book covers and his definitively striking style. In early 2010 he began production of his webcomic Romantically Apocalyptic which has since become his main focus.

Romantically Apocalyptic features a unique, high-detail art style that combines Alexius’ original photography of actors on greenscreen, exploration of abandoned locations around the world, and digital painting.

Andrew Gregoire // Creator - I Am ARG

Andrew Gregoire

Andrew Gregoire is a Toronto based Character animator and illustrator best known for his webcomic “I am ARG!” ARG! is a slice of life nerd humour comic about a young couple coming to terms with their impending adulthood. Combining sharp humour and crisp art, ARG runs the gamut from video games to babies, Dungeons and Dragons to marriage and many jokes about body parts in between.

Andrew has worked as a character animator on various television shows in and around Toronto and can sometimes be seen wearing pants.