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Returning July 24-26 2015
Returning July 24-26 2015

July 24-26 2015 - Hamilton Convention Centre

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Panel Applications Open: February 28th

On February 28th, we'll be opening Panel Applications. Below are a few items you may want to review so you're prepared to start submitting your panels.

What are Panels?

Panels are talks given by guests, members of the community, and knowledgable fans or experts. They can be in the form of a group discussion with audience participation, presentations, hands-on workshops, or demonstrations. They're typically about an hour long and are open to all attendees (some may be restricted by age, others by room capacity).

Why should I become a panelist?

Sharing ideas is the bedrock of ConBravo! and our community has been a huge part of that. Panels are a great way to make new friends, network, and even promote your own work. We also reward our panelists via the Karma System, which can be anything from small goodies to full badge reimbursement.

What do I need to prepare?

You'll want to think of a topic, maybe contact some co-panelists (not required, just a good start), and research the material you'll be presenting. Note, we do NOT guarantee that your panel will be approved, only that it will be considered. When you fill out your application, showing that you're knowledgable in your topic can go a long way to helping us both understand and approve it. We don't require an essay, just a good idea.

You will also need to pre-register to become a panelist. It doesn't matter at what level you pre-registered, but you must have done so in advance. We will not accept panelists who register on the days of the convention, and any panelists who are not pre-registered will be rejected.

What topics are good?

Anything from Doctor Who and Sailor Moon to Armour Crafting and Voice Acting are open season. You can talk about cosplay, gaming, anime, sci-fi, etc, etc, etc. We're pretty flexible overall and very little in fandom falls outside our radar. If you're worried about your topic being controversial or unsuitable in some way, feel free to contact us beforehand.

There will also be a list of suggested topics posted in our Reddit just before opening. These are topics our Panel Director comes up with as starting points for panelists. They are by no means mandatory.

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