D20 Live – Now Available

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Game Master had all his cameras rolling, and it's now finally available online for your viewing horr-we mean, pleasure: D20 LIVE!

FanFare Geek Fest II – November 8th

ConBravo! will be hosting FanFare Geek Fest II on November 8th at the International Plaza Hotel (formerly the Doubletree). Come out and join us for a day of geeky fun, with tons of vendors, artists, games, and live events to participate in! Click on this link for more details.

Masquerade Award Winners!

We're proud to announce the ConBravo! 2014 Masquerade Awards! Winners are listed below by category and award given. Thank you to everyone who participated, it's been a great year! Novice Presentation
  • Most Energetic – Entry #9, Mary Marvel
  • Best Characterization – Entry #2, The Mistress of All Evil
  • Best Fist Bump – Entry #14, The Pi Hover Enforcer
  • Best In Class Presentation – Entry #15, Journey to the Past
Novice Workmanship
  • Best Novice fabric choices – Entry #17, Dragonriders
  • Best Novice Props – Entry #14, The Pi Hover Enforcer
  • Best Novice Recreation – Entry #1, Ariel the Little Mermaid
  • Best Corset – Entry #5, Rarity's Spotlight
  • Best Novice Distressing – Entry #3, The Goddess of War
  • Best in Class Novice – Entry #8, Daughter to Dragons
Journeyman Presentation
  • Honourable Mention & Tyler's choice for Blazing – Entry #20, Let's Play Minecraft
  • Honourable Mention for Choreography – Entry #19, N-R-G
  • Best in Class Presentation – Entry #21, My Sword Hand Twitches!
Journeyman Presentation
  • Best Wig Styling – Entry #22, Princesses Just Want to Have Fun
  • Best Journeyman Recreation – Entry #21, My Sword Hand Twitches!
  • Best in Class Journeyman – Entry #24, Lightning Farron
Artisan Presentation
  • Best in Class Presentation – Entry #25, A Love Between Worlds
Master Presentation
  • Best Routine – Entry #28, Yellow Beauty Burns Gold
  • Best Skit – Entry #26, How to Defeat Your Arch-Nemesis
  • Best in Class Presentation – Entry #27, Fire in the Night
Master Workmanship
  • Best Fitted – Entry #28, Yellow Beauty Burns Gold
  • Best Armour – Entry #26, How to Defeat Your Arch-Nemesis
  • Best in Class Workmanship – Entry #29, The Spectacular Spider-Man

Thank You For Coming!

To all our beloved attendees, Thank YOU for coming out to ConBravo! 2014. You made our 5th anniversary a memorable experience for us. There's no convention without attendees, and we hope we did right by you guys this year. It's so wonderful to see how many of you in this community support what we do and each other. We hope you'll be as thrilled about 2015, and that we get to see everyone next year! In the meantime, why not help us build a better show by filling out our feedback form? We want 2015 to be even bigger and better than this year, and we can't do it without your help. Stay safe, play hard, and be excellent to each other.

Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Screening – New Tickets Added!

On August 16th, we're showing the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie at 7:00 PM. Tickets to that show SOLD OUT in just four days. So we decided to do something about it: Add another show.

Same place, different time: At 10:00 PM, we'll have a second screening of the AVGN Movie. Check out the link below to purchase your general admission. Once they're gone, they're gone!

Location: The Royal Cinema, 608 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B4
Showtime: Saturday, August 16th, 10:00 PM
Tickets: Available Here

See everyone at the show!


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