Artist Application

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Review the ConBravo! Exhibitor Regulations before filling out your registration. Please have ready links to two pieces of your work to show us so we may place you in the alley accurately.

Pricing and Sizing

All sizes are listed in their price bracket below. Please note that pricing listed does not include applicable taxes.

Regular Booth @ $65

  • 4x2ft table space
  • 4x6ft total booth space
  • 1 Artist Alley badge
  • 1 chair

Extended Booth @ $85

  • 8x2ft table
  • 8x6ft total booth space
  • 1 Artist Alley badge
  • 1 chair

Studio Booth @ $180

  • 6x12ft total booth space
  • 2 8x2ft and 1 6x2ft tables w/ tableclothes
  • 2 Artist Alley badges
  • 2 chairs

Additional Badges & Chairs

If you require an additional badge for a booth helper, the first purchase will be charged at $35, the standard Earlybird fee. Any badges after this first purchase must be bought at the regular door price of $45.

One chair is provided for all tables (studios come with 2), however another may be requested for a helper.

Limits on Artists Represented

Regular Booths may only represent 1 artist.

Extended booths may represent 2 artists, maximum.

Studio Booths are intended for 2 or more artists and may represent up to 5 artists, maximum.


Payment must be delivered at the latest by May 31st 2014. Unpaid tables after this date will be offered immediately to the next artist on the waitlist. Refunds must be requested no later than May 31st 2014. No refunds will be issued after this date.

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