To purchase a ticket, please select from one of our options below. If these options do not load, please see our Ticketbud page.

Single-day tickets are sold at the door. Weekend passes will be available at the door for as long as supplies remain.

Weekend pass holders are entitled to overnight events. Overnight events are not included with day passes.

We advise you to read our ConBravo! 2015 Policies prior to purchase.

Single-Day Tickets

If you wish to attend for just one day, single-day tickets can be purchased at the door. Pricing is as follows:

  • Friday – $25
  • Saturday – $35
  • Sunday – $25

Children’s* single-day tickets are:

  • Friday – $12
  • Saturday – $16
  • Sunday – $12

* This price applies to children 8-12 years of age. Under 8 years is free admission. Over 12 is full price.

In-Store Tickets

If you wish to buy tickets in-store, please visit one of the following stores:

By purchasing a ticket to ConBravo!, the ticket holder is hereby bound to abide by ConBravo! 2015 Policies. A breach in part or whole of these policies, or those of the venue (including the Hamilton Convention Centre by Carmen’s, and  the Sheraton Hamilton Hotel) may result in revocation of an event ticket without refund. In short, if you break the rules, you have to leave and we get to keep your money.

Please note that all ticket sales are final. Ticket holders may resell their tickets individually for equal or lesser value of the price paid. The ticket holder’s name does not require transferral. Children under 8 years of age are free admission. Children 8-12 are half price, per ticketing above.


Vendors, Artists, and Indie Devs, booths are set to open on February 28th, 2015. The following pricing will be available, and will be plus tax:

Vendor (Standard)8x8ft (Booth)$275
Vendor (Endcap)8x16ft (Booth)$400
Artist (Full)8x6ft (Booth)$150
Artist (Half)4x6ft (Booth)$100
Artist (Endcap)8x12 (Booth)$275
Indie Dev (Standard)8x6ft (Booth)$125
Indie Dev (Daily)4x6 (Booth)$75

All Vendor booths come with 1 table and 2 chairs, plus 2 Exhibitor passes. All Artist tables come with 1 table (or space designated thereof), 1 chair, and 1 Exhibitor Pass. Indie tables come with 1 table, 1 chair, and 1 Exhibitor pass.

Any booth requiring power must request it on the order form when applying as a vendor. Power is an additional cost.

Note that all pricing is adjusted based on ConBravo!’s appraisal of saleable wares by each division, buying habits of patrons, and limitations on merchandise sold. Please see our Exhibitor Regulations for details.