ProJared will be unable to attend

We're sad to announce that Jared "ProJared" Knabenbauer will be unable to attend due to a major personal scheduling conflict. He sends his warm regards and will have a surprise in store for attendees who were looking forward to his being there. Please make sure to attend closing ceremonies in order to see this surprise.

The Pokemon Gym Leader Squad!

Look out! It's the Pokemon Gym Leader Squad! They've been with us for four years now and these incredible trainers have brought hundreds of players low in that time. But sometimes, one rises to the top. One surpasses all odds and becomes a Pokémon Master! Join the PGLS at ConBravo! all weekend long and get ready to compete for some awesome badges. The edition of choice is Pokémon X & Y on the 3DS, so arm yourself and get ready for your ultimate test! Check out the PGLS's roster to see who you're up against! Final location of the PGLS booth and running schedule will be coming shortly.

Cosplay Cafe at ConBravo!

You asked for it, we finally made it happen. Presenting, ConBravo!'s very first Cosplay Cafe! The Cafe is set to run in the Charlton Room of the Sheraton Hotel. The wonderful wonderlanders from Knave of Hearts will be hosting the cafe, serving cupcakes and waiting on all of the wonderful customers who come for tea. The cafe runs between 11:30 AM and 2:30 PM on Saturday, so be sure to make it out! Thanks very much to Knave of Hearts for stepping up to fulfil this much-sought feature of the convention.

2014 Vendor + Artist + Indie Listings — Finalized!

We've finished 'em! The listings for Vendors, Artists, and Indies are now available in their final form! Check out who's coming with new merch, art, fashionable accessories, buttons, glassware, game demos, and so much more.

2014 Draft Schedule Now Available

Hey folks, the draft schedule is here! While things may still change, this is 90% done! No new panel, Q&A, autograph, or workshop sessions will be added and very little will move, if it does at all. Please note this draft does not include the gaming schedule, which is forthcoming. Check 'er out and get started planning your weekend!


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