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Dragonball Z Abridged Episode Premiere + All Night Showing

Good news Dragonball Z Abridged fans! The fine folks at Team FourStar, including Ontario’s very own AntFish, have decided to let ConBravo! screen a premiere episode of the series: “DragonBall Z Kai Episode 2: DragonThing Z Kai”. We’ll also be holding an all-night screening at the Sheraton on Friday, so you can enjoy Team FourStar’s […]

ConBravo! AMV Contest!

I am happy to announce that ConBravo! will be having an AMV contest! All con-goers rejoice as we will be accepting entries soon once the page is up and will be accepting them up till July 22nd to compete and air at ConBravo! More details, rules, and entry form soon!

Preview Schedule Available

Hey folks, just so everyone can get a look-see, we’re posting a preview schedule! Please note that some things are subject to change, but we’ll be using this as the firm basis of our final timetable. Download Preview Schedule