ConBravo! 2013 Staff

ConBravo! Staff are sorted by department and outlined below. General staffers may or may not be listed at the discretion of the department.

Mark P. Tjan – Chairperson
Natalie Wallace – Vice-Chairperson
Caitlin Thompson – Director of Resources
Sara Tjan – Financial Officer

Christopher J. Cater – Sponsorship Coordinator
Stephanie Brandon – Social Media Coordinator

Scott McCutcheon – Media Coordinator
Julian Aboui
Liz Scarlet

Nik Szafranek – Volunteer Coordinator
Cathie Roebuck – Volunteer Coordinator
Angela Davis – Volunteer Coordinator

Caitlin Thompson – Logistics Coordinator
Adam Drumonde – Floor Coordinator
Dante Perrotta – Office Manager
Johnny James Woo – Audio/Video Coordinator
David Wang
Henry Du
Joshua Rose

Natalie Wallace – Director of Events
Greg Baross – Technical Director
Eva Demers-Brett – Cosplay Programming Director
Anthony Alves
Heather Munro

Jessica Parmenter – Panel Coordinator

Heather Leach – Artists’ Alley Director¬†
Adam Drumonde – Vendors Market Coordinator

Luke Williams – Guest Coordinator
Christina Gyimesi – Guest Liaison Coordinator
Pat Roberts
Pearl Nguyen

Vito Foggetti – Console & Arcade Gaming Director
Ryan Graceffo – Console & Arcade Gaming Vice-Director
Brandon Walters – Director of Tabletop Gaming
Cassie Chui – Director of Indie Gaming
Aesees Bakhshi – Director of PC Gaming